Friends and family have asked how and where to donate to help me with Clarion West. Well, hold on to your butts: This is the place, and now is the time. For the next month, until May 3rd, I will be raising the $8,286 gold ducats (or whatever, dollars will do, just no Bitcoin) I need to get me into and through the Clarion West Summer Six-Week Workshop.

My PayPal is tmkaske@gmail.com. If you hate paypal, email me instead and we can figure out something more (or less!) old-fashioned. I am flexible when people are generously giving me money to, you know, pursue my dreams.

I will pick out a book from my personal library to loan to everyone who donates. It will be special for you! I love loaning books to people, so this is kind of a thrill for me as well. I don’t have a timeline on when I will be sending books quite yet. When do you want them? Now? I could do now. Also later. Let’s talk.

And thank you, everyone who persuaded me to say yes, everyone who suggested crowdfunding (which I would never have been brave enough to try without lots of coaxing), everyone who jumped the gun and sent me money already, and everyone who’s reading this now. Even if you can’t send anything to help me along, your support and enthusiasm and love is what got me here in the first place and what’ll get me through six weeks of crazy in the end.

Funds are approximately half Clarion West fees, and half paying for rent, bills, gas, cell phone, etc during the program.

I will update this page as donations are made.


$8,286   Needed

Money I already have from various sources:


Funds Raised So Far

$250    Don  <3

$30      Taylor <3

$250    Derek  <3

$100    Abby <3

$500    Anonymous wizard <3

$25      Tanja <3

$40      Anonymous <3

$66.60 Michael <3

$75      Grace <3

$25      Emily <3

$100    Andy <3

$100    Wilder & Tonja <3

$50      Jen <3

$100    Regina <3

$50      Shannon <3

$133.70 Cassie <3

$50      Collin <3

$100    Alexandra <3

$200    Jett <3

$150    Sam <3

$100    Parvathy <3

$1000  An anonymous elf owl dropped this money in my moon roof!!! WHAT!? <3

$50     Kayull <3

$50     Heather & Michael <3

$25     Cheryl <3

$100   Colin <3

$150   Tara <3

$20     Another Michael <3

$30     Brent <3

$100   Emily Again! <3

$100   Eric <3

$150   Lisa & Bentley <3

$100   James (I had no pockets, I had to stick this money in my bra) <3

$400   My Pops <3

$100   Jeremy <3

$500   Rebecca!?! <3

$100   Shannon <3

$500   Ryan’s Motorcycle Money <333


$25     Ed <3

$55     Paul <3

$50     Andrea <3

Total Funds Raised


Total Remaining